Car owners, embark on a superior journey with Flux Global Club – an opportunity designed for fixed outcomes. Unlock the potential to earn an impressive annual return of up to 16%*, with seamless payments directly to your UK bank account and a 100% money-back guarantee to invoice price. Experience hassle-free ownership reduced regulatory complexities compared to the challenging UK landlord market, and complete control over your asset. By establishing a LTD company, you may also explore potential tax savings (Please consult independent tax advice). With boundless possibilities, car owners worldwide can seize this opportunity, akin to global buy-to-let landlords. Join Flux Global Club today!

Now enrolling car owners worldwide, unlock the door to financial opportunity with Flux Global Club. Benefit from an impressive up to 16%* annual return on invoice cost, with secure payments and a rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free ownership and full control over your asset. Maximise your potential with potential tax benefits by setting up an LTD company (seek independent tax advice). This is your chance to seize a unique opportunity, much like global buy-to-let landlords. Act now to discover more and be part of Flux Global Club’s success story! Subject to club drivers waiting list.

7 Key Benefits:

100% car ownership with all documents in your chosen name – V5 registration, Invoice, and Leaseback contract.

100% Invoice amount Money Guarantee.

Up to 16%* per annum return on your invoice amount.

A prescribed contract with guaranteed outcomes – fixed monthly payment and guaranteed future value.

Flux Global Club is your dedicated customer, 100% responsible for your monthly income.

The option to engage in a secondary market sale after month 18 with a notice period.

All ownership responsibilities are managed by Flux Global Club.

Contact us now via email, phone, or by filling out our enquiry form to seize this incredible opportunity. Join Flux Global Club today and secure your future!

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the car throughout the contract period?

You, as the car owner, retain full ownership of the car at all times until the end of the contract.

By purchasing a brand-new car and leasing it to Flux, you can earn a fixed monthly income. Flux handles all management tasks, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free income stream.

Your prescribed return is secured through a pre-agreed residual value at the end of the contract, providing you with financial predictability.

Yes, there is a 100% money-back guarantee (terms and conditions apply). Please review the specific terms to understand the details.

Yes, the car you own is considered an asset on your balance sheet.

Flux pays you directly for the car, not the Flux driver. Payments are made according to the agreed terms, ensuring a steady income stream for you.

Ready to embrace full car ownership with Flux Global Club?

Apply now to become a car owner with Flux Global Club – Our team is keen to engage in a detailed discussion. (Subject to need and availability)

  • Flux will promptly share a curated list of available cars for immediate deployment.
  • Navigate the straightforward paperwork process and secure full ownership of your car, including all documents and title.

Your Benefits:

✓ Consistent monthly income

✓ Predefined disposal value at the contract’s end. Visit Showroom

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