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Ready to seize the Flux opportunity? Here’s how you can qualify:
Customer Eligibility and Affordability Assessment

📊 Credit Analysis: We focus on your current financial situation, not just your credit score. We analyse your credit file, emphasising disposable income, stability, and credit history.

📆 Age Criteria: Applicants must be between 25 and 65 years old.

🚶 Single Applicant: Flux accepts single applicants only; joint applications aren’t considered.

🚗 Job Eligibility: Limited to Key and Essential UK Workers, as defined by Flux

📜 Driving Licence: You need a full UK driving licence, with a maximum of 6 points allowed.

💳 Bank Statements: Provide three months of recent bank statements via open banking.

📝 Proof of Identity: You’ll need either a valid UK passport or proof of the right to remain in the UK.

🏦 Bank Account: You must have a UK bank account with a Direct Debit facility.

💰 Recurring Payments: On a valid Debit Card.

🏡 Address Verification: A recent utility bill serves as proof of address.

💸 Minimum Income Requirement: Your minimum job income should be £1800 net, with benefits added to determine the monthly payment. The maximum subscription is set at 25% of net income, for example, £1800 x 25% = £450, or £2500 (£700 benefits) x 25% = £625.

Our rigorous underwriting process ensures that you meet precise eligibility and affordability criteria. At Flux, we are dedicated to responsible business practices while providing you with a transformative opportunity. Please be aware that Flux management retains the discretion to decline any application. Don’t miss out – join us today! Visit Showroom

Frequently asked questions

Would I qualify?

As long you meet the criteria above you are more than likely to qualify unless we find adverse information such as fraud, financial inadequacy, misrepresentation on the application etc

It depends on the car you have chosen and your flexibility in terms of spec, colour and cost we aim to have you in your car within 2-4 weeks, except where it is a factory order and then it is subject to confirmation.

all cars are on a rolling 89-day contract with auto renew we will discuss your requirements in full when you apply.

Yes you can but do discuss this process with your account manager to clearly understand the process.

 Everything including brand new car, road fund licence, service, maintenance, accident management

To become a Flux car driver, you must be between the ages of 25 and 65.

Monthly payments are deducted automatically through Direct Debit from your UK bank account or recurring debit card payments.

No, the car should only be driven within the United Kingdom.

Exceeding the mileage limit may incur additional charges. It’s important to discuss your driving needs with your account manager to determine the best solution.

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